Saddle Top with

Silver Grey Base

Saddle Top

with M5 Base

T28 Book Style

Special orders done

by arrangement

Wave Top

R Shaped Headstone with oval base

Slope Top

SG1 with punched sides


Random Rock Edge

Small Wave Top

on granite base

Square Top Desk

3/4 concrete base

gallery/t28 gold pages web
gallery/r shape on oval base web
gallery/wave top on 3 quarter granite m5 base web
gallery/sg1 with middle granite base web
gallery/random rock edge web
gallery/slope top web
gallery/plate on 3 quarter concrete web

This is only a small selection of the headstones and bases available

gallery/special twin stones with granite vase on m5 base web
gallery/wave top on concrete base web
gallery/wood pm
gallery/saddle top, m5 base web